About Us

The new-generation brand Monapetra was founded in 2018.

Taking inspiration from art and history, Monapetra hit the way to create pieces with different stories to make their owner feel special and strong. Today, Monapetra is not famous only in Turkey; it has also become known out of the country after its collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. In its unique designs, Monapetra puts together the history and art of antique cultures with those of the contemporary times to create awareness.

Story of a Design

A journey starts with imagination. First, you have to dream. In Monapetra’s dreams, art, history, mythology and antiquity mingle with the contemporary; colors and forms of nature combine with lines and design patterns; melodies meet with verses and lyrics. All together they make a story. Then, each story turns out to be a unique design and a piece of precious keepsake in the skilled hands of craftsmen.

In each and every design, the passion and excitement of the very first day combines with the inspiration of the designer and the skill of the artisan. And those wearing them, will be able to feel the story and the power within. 

Custom-Made Designs

You can bring your own gem, you can share your own motto, you can carve your sweetheart’s name, you can even depict your dream object. Our founder/designer Iris, will use all these -the shared experiences, the excitements, the memories and the inherent happiness- and turn them into something real. It might sometimes be a necklace, or a bracelet or an earring and sometimes a ring. Monapetra will always be there for you with its unique custom-made jewelry to make your dreams come true.